Paraphrase Self-Test

Type something in as your base text

Now try to paraphrase that text using your own words:

Now see if you used any overlapping language:

Two different ways of looking at the differences (color-coded):

And a plain-text look:

Note: Handy Man Dan Online is changed To Paraphrase Tool Online

Best Online Paraphrasing Tool

Best online Paraphrasing Tool to use, you can paraphrase or rewrite full-length es articles, content or essays to make them unique and not copied from anywhere else, you can make your sentences or single words standout with the paraphrasing tool. One of the oldest and clean tools available online Whether your goal is to rewrite textual content for a website or web application, term paper, business document, email, or post content, Paraphrase tool will do the job for you. You not only get hints of copied content but also a clear guide to making in 100% unique. Websites that require to benefit from text rewritten by Paraphrasing Tool range from expanding blog and website footprint on the web with quality content. The must use online paraphrasing software is always here to help you.

About Paraphrasing Tool?

Paraphrasing Tool is one of the most important tools for any writer who rewrites or reproduces web content or research papers, the tool uses intelligent, text-matching software which guides the way to reword and rewrite your text effectively while leaving your many options to learn from your mistakes. You can paraphrase just words, sentences, paragraphs or even full-length content in one go.

Why You Should Use Paraphrasing Tool?

The paraphrasing tool will help users to understand the concept of copy and paraphrase with efficacy. The tool makes a user learn the way paraphrasing should be done, after using the tool for Some time users would be able to rewrite the content without any problems.

Paraphrasing Tool is quite similar to an online, automated thesaurus, you might use a thesaurus to go through hundreds of possibilities to replace the words with more compelling and demanding words but this paraphrasing tool will help you go the extra mile by utilizing your own abilities to reconstruct the sentences and rewrite the content.


How To Use Paraphrasing Tool?

Using Paraphrasing tool is quite simple, first of all, you need to paste the content in the first tab or text area of the tool. Once you have pasted all the content then you will go to the tab/text area below and start writing the content in your own words with a different set of vocabulary, thesaurus, punctuations, and restructure the sentences. As soon as you will start typing in the box two more boxes will appear below your written content. The colored content will show you the percentage of matched words from the previous content and the last box will tell you how much content from the initial document is wiped out completely.   


Benefits of Using Paraphrasing Tool

Using Paraphrasing tool is quite learning for all types of writers, whether you are a web content writer, beginner, article writer, essay writer, academic writer or pro writer, paraphrasing tool helps you equally, however, paraphrase tool online is more beneficial for amateurs or beginners the tool not only helps you learn the patterns of paraphrasing and plagiarism but also improve your skills to perform better while paraphrasing. You can simply copy and paste the content in the first tab and start writing in the other tab below, the overlapping language appears before you prompting you for any plagiarised words so you can quickly switch between synonyms and make it unique. It not only helps you avoid plagiarism but also make your writing pro, as much as you will use this tool you will be able to write the content without any help with the time being. You can also check plagiarism within the two different pieces of content by simply pasting them in both tabs. First, you will paste the original content on the tab above and then you will add the rewritten essay, report or article in the tab below. You will instantly see the results in the below tab, how many words are actually plagiarised and how many sentences have different words, it becomes crystal clear that how much different the two pieces of content are.

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